Wednesday, August 8, 2007

One Week From Today

Christus Rex in chapel at Honey Creek
photo by The Rev. Frank Logue

I am aware that today is the Feast Day of St. Dominic, born in approximately 1170 in Spain. I am also aware that Dominic started the Order of Preachers, many of whom were also teachers, one of which was Thomas Aquinas.

But in this blog I want to call attention to the fact that one week from today we will hold our first service of Holy Communion as The Episcopal Church of Our Savior at Honey Creek. We will begin at 6:15 p.m. in the Chapel and follow that with a 7:00 p.m. study of a portion of the Gospel according to Mark.

Although I am not a Dominican, I do plan to preach at the Wednesday night services, and on Sundays when the time comes. I usually preach about two things: I usually preach about the Gospel, and I usually preach about ten to twelve minutes. The Gospel for next Wednesday, August 15 is Luke 1:46-55 if you would like to be studying that on your own before you come to the service.

I do like the Dominicans, though. They are keen on learning, preaching, and teaching. They even give their monks permission to set their own schedule to some extent. They say, "In the cells, moreover, they can write, read, pray, sleep, and even stay awake at night, if they desire, on account of study."

I hope to see you next Wednesday night at 6:15 p.m. If you need directions to Honey Creek, please go to the website and click on "directions" at the top of the front page.

In peace,


The Rev. Linda McCloud
Founding Pastor
The Episcopal Church of Our Savior at Honey Creek

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