Friday, August 17, 2007

Boy Scouts -- "Be Prepared"

King of Peace Boy Scout Troop 226 - Campout

It helps that the pastor of King of Peace Episcopal Church, which is our "Mother Church" is an Eagle Scout. That's how I know that Boy Scout troops are a great way for a church to reach out into a community and to provide meaningful activities for boys all the way through their teen years. King of Peace started a troop some time ago and it has flourished.

I have been in meetings with Jim Bryant, District Executive, and Michael J. Hartigan, III, Scout Executive and CEO of the Okefenokee Area Council of Boy Scouts of America. They have informed me that there is no Boy Scout troop in our northeastern corner of Camden County, and I see this as a great opportunity for our church to lead the way in gathering Boy Scout or Cub Scout troops.

On Tuesday, September 4 at 6:30 p.m. at Honey Creek, our church will sponsor an organizational meeting of parents and other interested persons who would like to become scout leaders. Jim Bryant will be here to speak with us. If you are interested in this or if your sons would like to be in scouting, please call the church office at 912-267-0333. Leaders will undergo training.

If we find there is interest and we are able to form a leadership team, we will accompany Jim Bryant to Woodbine Elementary school two weeks later on a recruiting trip.
But we must have leaders from Our Savior at Honey Creek in order for that to happen.

Does this sound good to you?

In peace,
The Rev. Linda McCloud
Founding Pastor
The Episcopal Church of Our Savior at Honey Creek


anything but typical said...


I have lots of stuff on record-keeping for the troop at KOP. I'd be glad to help your troop's advancement person get their records started.


gary178 said...

The Boy Scouts of America appear to discriminate against gay people, deeming gay men unfit for being either leaders or scouts. How can embracing such an organization be good for ANYone? It would seem to go against the Christian message of equality, justice & inclusion which the Episcopal Church so wonderfully preaches & lives, esp. when it comes to those who suffer from the ignorance & evil of bigotry. Why should an Episcopal parish associate with the BSA when they clearly hold discriminatory & homophobic views? Can sweet water and brackish come forth from the same source? I am totally dismayed over this apparent inconsistency in the message being sent forth. My prayer is that pastors in the Church who are truly committed to battling discrimination & bigotry at every level will stand up & speak out against the BSA for their unfair stance re gay men. The Canadian Boy Scouts, as well as the Girl Scouts of America do not disciminate against gays. Many organizations have cut ties with the BSA specifically because of their anti-gay position:


Robin D. said...
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Robin D. said...

You are correct when you say, "Boy Scouts of America appears to discriminate against gay people."

BSA has consistently over the years stated that the values espoused in scouting are inconsistent with homosexuality.

BSA has defended their right to discriminate in front of the US supreme court and has been upheld.

BSA also discriminates against atheism and agnosticism. Those who do not hold any religious creed are also excluded from membership.

This has also been argued before the US Supreme Court and been upheld.

You are wrong when you say the BSA "clearly hold(s) discriminatory & homophobic views."

BSA has been very careful to not make untrue statements about homosexuals. They have simply said to the press that, "the values espoused in scouting are inconsistent with homosexuality". Then they stood by it.

BSA is apolitical and in spite of several attempts to be drawn into political debate they have resisted both the Right and the Left. This steadfastness has caused them to be attacked, continually. BSA has never attacked back.

Did you know that every time one of these cases goes to court, another conservative religious group pulls out of BSA and starts its own program, e.g. Royal Ambassadors, Awana. These groups have no problem liberally plagiarizing the program of BSA.

BSA gets it from both sides.

BSA has never sent political messages to any press outlet. They do not condemn homosexuals or provide any opinions on a person's right to choose a sexual orientation.

In fact, BSA trains all of their leaders in how to detect and prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation. In that training they are very adamant in making clear that people that abuse and exploit children are NOT homosexual!

The message of Scouting is clear and has not wavered. A scout is, Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean & Reverent.

BSA DOES NOT SHARE YOUR VIEW. Since they disagree, they are brackish water? Because they have consistently disagreed, they are bigots? Because of their position they are committing Hate Crimes? (see your own reference) It seems to me that you are willing to say anything win your point. Where is their hate? What is their crime? Is it a crime to raise boys up to be free thinking men of good character? Some of them will certainly be gay (e.g. Timothy Curran).

In fact BSA doesn't just "appear to discriminate", they do. Discrimination means to choose based on a difference. You would make us believe that the difference doesn't exist? That it doesn't matter?

Men and women who are homosexual have had to embrace their difference. It is our duty as Christians to embrace them with their difference.

Peace comes when we find our common kinship in Christ, not by forcing our opinions on others. Christians shouldn't insult people who don't think or act like we do.

You may not like the fact that BSA doesn't think homosexuality is consistent with the values of scouting, but they have the right to uphold that.

What do you think about Christians that don't think homosexuality is consistent with the values of christianity?

Why don't you keep your politics as your politics and your religion as your religion?

gary178 said...
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gary178 said...
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gary178 said...


Thank You for your comments which I am mulling over very carefully. It was never my intention to cause offence in any way.

I do feel, however, that Christ Himself spoke boldly whenever He saw injustice, rather than be complacent with it. He even blessed those who 'hunger & thirst after righteousness'. By doing so, He upset not a few people. I fear I may have done the same.

I very much wish to reply to your words in greater detail soon. Currently, I am having trouble with my PC and cannot do so right now.

For the moment, please let me say I am sorry you see my objection to discrimination as politics versus religion. The faith in Jesus Christ, as I understand it, includes opposing injustice wherever it exists.

As the Episcopal Church has taught me, God created and blessed me with the sexuality I have. For me not to object when someone disparages that and thus speaks against God's own creation, is wrong & a betrayal of my faith in Christ.

My use of the Scriptural 'brackish water' versus sweet was meant to refer to discrimination versus the Gospel of love, inclusion and justice.

If the BSA didn't allow African-Americans to join, would you also support the Church's association with it? My point is that the Church's association with any group that discriminates against the very people to whom the Episcopal Church reaches out and offers inclusion creates nothing but confusion, offence & a double message when it comes to faithfulness to the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Christ's Peace,