Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Fun Psalm

Spider having lunch at Honey Creek
August 29, 2007

O Lord, how manifold are your works!
in wisdom you have made them all;
the earth is full of your creatures.

Yonder is that great and wide sea
with its living things too many to number,
creatures both small and great.

There move the ships,
and there is that Leviathan,
which you have made for the sport of it.

All of them look to you
to give them their food in due season.

You give it to them; thy gather it;
you open wide your hand,
and they are filled with good things.

[Psalm 104:25-29]

In peace,


The Rev. Linda McCloud
Founding Pastor
The Epicopal Church of Our Savior at Honey Creek

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anything but typical said...

I saw your pretty seven legged spider when we were up there a couple of weekends ago. He seems to be a regular attendee looking through the glass.