Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Psalms for Praying

Olive grove on the side of Mt. Carmel
and the valley beyond to the Mediterranean Sea

In yesterday's blog I offered Leslie F. Brandt's version of Psalm 66. Here is Nan C. Merrill's rendition of Psalm 66, which stays a little closer to the original. This is from her book Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness.

Psalm 66
Sing a joyful song to the Beloved
all the earth,
and praise Love's name;
Sing in glorious exultation!
We say to You, "How magnificent are
your ways.
So great is your power that fear and
doubt vanish before You;
All the earth worships You;
the people raise their voice,
they sing praises to your Name."

Come and see what the Beloved has done;
wondrous are the deeds of Love.
Remember when the sea turned to
dry land?
There, we did rejoice in the One,
who rules by the mighty Spirit of Love
Whose eyes keep watch on the nations -
let not those who strive for
power exalt themselves.

Bless the Beloved, Heart of our hearts,
let the sound of our praises
be heard.
You keep us attuned to life and
guide our feet on solid ground.
For You, O Love, have tested us;
You have tried us as silver as tried.
You have allowed us to fall into
the net;
You have watched us reap all that
we have sown;
we went through fire and
through water,
Yet You have brought us through our
pain and
into your dwelling place.

I enter your house with gifts;
I commend my soul into your
all that my lips uttered and
my mouth promised when
I was in trouble and pain,
I offer up to You;
I abandon myself into your hands.

Come and hear, all you who reverence
the Most High,
and I shall tell what the Beloved
has done for me.
I cried aloud to the Silent Watcher
of my life;
from my tongue came forth words of praise.
Had I cherished greed and power,
I would have separated myself
from Love;
the voice of my prayer was heard.

Blessed be the holy Name of the Beloved,
Loving Companion Presence,
who has embraced me, and
renewed my life.

In peace,

Linda +

The Rev. Linda McCloud
Founding Pastor
The Episcopal Church of Our Savior at Honey Creek

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