Thursday, April 19, 2007

Casting Call: Jesus at Age Seven

I have taken on a new role as wanna-be casting director for an upcoming motion picture.

Here's the challenge:

CHRIST THE LORD: OUT OF EGYPT, the motion picture based on Anne Rice’s best-selling novel about Christ’s early years, will begin shooting in Israel this October. Good News Holdings’ decision to make the film in Israel has the full support of the Israeli government and casting has begun in Israel to find the boy who will play Jesus at the age of 7. A theatrical release is planned for Fall 2008.

Here's my solution: James Higgins -- get this kid to play Jesus. He has such a heart for the part. Check out this news blip about him:

Got a Catholic Question? Boy, 7,
Has the Answers

By Philip Turner

WASHINGTON -- Among the faithful gathered at the 7 a.m. daily Mass at St. Peter's Catholic Church on Capitol Hill, one face always stands out. James Higgins, 7, has been attending daily Mass since he was 3, and he hasn't broken his 200-day streak since his First Communion last fall. “I have it in my heart to go,” James said. At the same time, James has amassed an encyclopedic knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Church that would send even the most devout nun's head spinning. He can spout the 10 Commandments in about eight seconds flat. “Give me something hard, really hard!” he says. The feast day for St. Augustine? He sighs, as if he's disappointed he didn't get a harder question. “Aug. 28.” He's correct.

Let's take a vote. Should James Higgins get the part? Who would you like to see play the role of Jesus Christ at age 7?

Have you read Christ the Lord out of Egypt? I highly recommend it as a can't-put-it-down page turner.

Pastor Linda
The Rev. Linda McCloud
Founding Pastor
The Episcopal Church of Our Savior at Honey Creek

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