Monday, April 23, 2007

High Time

What would the Psalms sound like if the ancient Psalm-writers such as David, King of Israel, were alive and writing today? Leslie F. Brandt took this issue into consideration some time ago and gave us a book called Psalms/Now. His ideas are still relevant, but so are the Psalms as they were originally written.

Here is Brandt's concept of what Psalm 66 would sound like if we could update the language a bit:

Psalm 66

It is high time we start making
happy noises about God,
that we boldly proclaim God's name
and shout God's praises.

We already know
what God has done throughout history,
the great deeds God performed,
the people who witnessed them
and worshiped God.

Let us recognize, as well,
what God is constantly doing for us.
God draws us into the crucible of conflict;
God tests and tries us
in the valley of pain and sorrow;
God allows us to taste the agony of affliction;
God gives our enemies permission
to oppose and oppress us.
And then God uses these very things
to purge and prepare us for God's purposes.

Now I renew my pledge to my God.
I strive to carry out those promises I made to God
when I cried for God's help in my troubles.
I yield up to God my life
as a sacrifice and thank offering.

You who are seeking for God,
these are the things God has done for me;
God has accepted me despite my sins and failures.
God listens when I cry out to God,
and God responds with solace and support.

I proclaim God's praises
because I know God will love me forever.

In peace,

Linda +

The Rev. Linda McCloud

Founding Pastor
The Episcopal Church of Our Savior at Honey Creek

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