Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday Evening Prayers from Holy Island

In a recent blog I talked about pilgrims going to Jerusalem during this holy season of Lent. Another favorite destination for pilgrims is Lindisfarne, off the northeastern coast of Great Britain. Many Christians call Lindisfarne "Holy Island" because it was made more holy by the blood of ninth century martyrs who had been taking the Gospel to England.

Lindisfarne is unique in that it is an island for only a few hours twice a day at high tide. Since it regularly reconnects with the mainland, Lindisfarne is a good metaphor for Lenten retreat. Those who can only take a few hours for a retreat but then must reconnect with their world can have their own "Holy Island."

Daily Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer are a part of the rhythm of life on Holy Island. Here are some meditations from worshippers on Lindisfarne for Sunday Night, when the Resurrection is contemplated:

"Almighty God, from whose love neither life nor death can separate us: let the whole company of heaven praise you; let the whole church throughout the world praise you. Let us this night praise you."

By your death upon the cross
Raise us, good Lord.
By your burial in the grave
Raise us, good Lord.
By your descending into hell
Raise us, good Lord.
By your mighty resurrection
Raise us, good Lord.
By your conquering death
Raise us, good Lord.
By your risen appearances
Raise us, good Lord.
By your presence among us
Raise us, good Lord.

Pastor Linda
The Rev Linda McCloud
Founding Pastor
The Episcopal Church of Our Savior at Honey Creek

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