Thursday, December 27, 2007

Saint John, Apostle and Evangelist

Today is the feast day of Saint John, Apostle and Evangelist, the only one of the original twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ to die a natural death. John and his brother James were young fishermen when Jesus walked the shores of the Sea of Galilee and called them to fish for people. They immediately left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired hands. They followed Jesus without looking back.

John is known as the "beloved disciple" and "Saint John the Divine." He stood at the foot of the cross and, at the request of Jesus, took Jesus' mother Mary into his own care as if she were his mother. John was exiled to the Island of Patmos where he penned the Revelation. The main theme of John's life? In a word, "love." His writings tell us over and again to love one another because God is love. And John should know.

In peace,

The Rev. Linda McCloud
The Episcopal Church of Our Savior at Honey Creek

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anything but typical said...

A few years ago, I did a group study about St. John called "The Beloved Disciple" by Beth Moore. It was an eye-opening experience.