Thursday, February 8, 2007

Have you been to Cursillo?

Sometimes I think the Episcopal Church is like a big Christian umbrella. All the baptized can get under it and find a place to stand. For some, worshipping God means going into a quiet cathedral all alone and spending time in silent prayer. For others, worshipping God means Holy Eucharist and great hymn singing on Sunday morning with a pipe organ and a paid choir as the backdrop, while for others it means going to a church where a really loud band plays and the words to songs are projected on a giant screen.

But to be well-rounded as a Christian, we need varied worship experiences. It's sort of like being an athlete. To be really fit, athletes do a lot of cross-training by not only lifting weights, but by adding in running, swimming and biking to their fitness regimen.

Late this afternoon I will go into a "Cursillo" retreat where I frankly don't know what to expect. As I understand it, Cursillo gives people a place to share their faith experiences. Maybe that is why those who have been to Cursillo seem to have a special bond. My Cursillo-type friends and acquaintances have been grinning mysteriously and saying, "Oh, Linda, I heard you are going to the next Cursillo." They say I will love it. It's not that I'm apprehensive or suspicious, but I do believe I saw some of them giving each other an elbow in the ribs and winking.

For a contemplative type like me, this is a little scary to say the least. For years I have carefully avoided committing to a Cursillo retreat because I feared they were loud and boisterous. However, the Cursillo Police have caught up with me and turned me in to the powers that be, and as a priest I have been "strongly encouraged" to attend this retreat. In response to my priestly vows of obedience, I will be there.

A few years ago, I couldn't even spell "Cursillo." Now, I am going to one of their retreats. Pray for my soul.

Pastor Linda+
The Rev. Linda McCloud
Founding Pastor
The Episcopal Church of Our Savior at Honey Creek

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