Thursday, January 4, 2007

Ten Months From Today

Today I am at Honey Creek, checking out the flora and fauna on the marsh and making sure everything is ready for my move. On this date, January 4, 2007, we are ten months out from launching The Episcopal Church of Our Savior at Honey Creek. The date of November 4 will slip up on us, so there is no time to lose. If you would like to be a part of this exciting new venture, please let me hear from you right away. You can respond to this blog, or write to me at:

The Episcopal Church of Our Savior at Honey Creek
P. O. Box 326
Waverly, GA 31565

In the interim time between now and the actual "launch" date of the new church, we will be gathering at Honey Creek for mid-week services, Bible studies, and/or shared meals. We will get to know each other and respect each other's dignity. We will laugh together and maybe even cry together. We will share our expectations for this church, since we will be the church. We will invite our friends and neighbors and get new people involved as we go along. Look around. See who is moving in. Invite them to join us. It's a ground-floor opportunity.

Pastor Linda
The Rev. Linda McCloud
Founding Pastor
The Episcopal Church of Our Savior at Honey Creek

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anything but typical said...

Are you going to be at KOP's Burning of the Greens on Saturday? A good time is usually had by all.